Blocky Survival

Where dreams come true

What is it?

Blocky Survival is a Minetest server. If you've never heard of Minetest, you can learn more about it here. In essence, it's a virtual world made of cubes where one can build, fight, explore, make friends, and have fun. In some ways it resembles MineCraft, although the two are far from the same.

Okay, why not some other server?

My goal in creating Blocky Survival was to make something unsual. Blocky Survival is still a great place to relax and have fun, but it has many unusual (and some unique) mods. It has a large collection of different machines for those who like to invent, tons of different blocks for those who like to build, and plenty of opportunities for those who like to sell. Furthermore, Blocky Survival is a family friendly server. While there is an occasional troll, they are usually quickly banned, and our staff strives to keep the more undesirable players away.

I'm sold. How do I use it?

That's easy! Just hop on an official MineTest client and join the server at port 30005. Sadly, MineTest is not available on IPads or IPhones, although it can be installed on IMacs. (Certain thrid-party apps exist for these platforms, but I don't recommend using them.) Have fun! :D

Note: Blocky Survial has been updated to run on MT 5.0 in order to reduce lag and make better creations possible. This is incompatible with any Minetest versions below 5.0, so if you are using version 0.4 you will probably need to get 5.0 as well or just upgrade.